Connections; one of the three foundations of the Brookes Schools. What are they, how are they made and more importantly, can one maintain them?

We live in a world where connections can be made at the touch of a button and before you know it your profile enters a global matrix. Are these connections real? Well, it very much depends on the type of person you are. Do you hit ‘connect’ because you want to raise your own profile amongst peers, or to look important; is it for business, pleasure, to spy on others, or just because you are bored of the 273 friends you already have? I would suggest that all these reasons create very unreal connections. They play their part and may well provide introductions; however, real connections are made face-to-face and in person. A good old-fashioned hand shake, eye contact and clear and coherent conversations, with a sense of purpose, create instant and meaningful connections.

I recently had the immense pleasure of making such an expressive connection with HRH Prince Michael of Kent; a connection that inspired me further to ensure that the pupils at Brookes Moscow truly benefit from the array of opportunities we aim to provide. Maintaining good connections will require hard work and diligence on the part of the staff, parents and pupils at Brookes Moscow; it will demand respect, routines and responsibilities.

So, these connections Brookes talks of and what they are……well, they are the result of the challenges and opportunities we will provide each individual child, to understand themselves and to realise their unique place in society.

Charity begins at home – and on the 2nd December as well

Brook (a kitten without the ‘e’) consciously discarded on the Head of Brookes Moscow doorstep, discovered that charity really does begin at home. Now, in a caring and warm environment, Brook thrives on the connections she has made. This bundle of joy was aptly named – demonstrating self-confidence and now being an inspiration to help others.

MPC Social Services cannot undertake their charitable work without such love, care and attention. Brook is one of the lucky ones, whilst Brookes are striving to help many others, through charitable donations at the MPCSS Annual Ball on December 2nd.

Follow the journey of Brookes, Brook and the school’s future charitable work with the MPCSS – here on the school’s blog.

Head (ing) in the right direction

Raising the profile of any new school start-up falls under the remit of the Founding Head; me – Charley King, and it is a significant, yet rewarding development. For me though, it is best summed up using Roald Dahl’s language from the children’s storybook, the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) – it is a ‘Phizz-Whizzing’ and ‘Whoopsy Wiffling’ opportunity!

I came to Russia with no knowledge of this wonderful country and equally, no expectations. A number of years later I find myself feeling right at home, having made many welcoming Russian friends, introducing my 12-year-old son Gregory, to the delights of Moscow and in a loving relationship with my partner, Zarina; not forgetting, of course, Lana (the cat) and now Brook (our rescued kitten) My other passions alongside education are, West Ham United Football Club and golf and I hope to share in these, as I meet more families who will join Brookes Moscow before and after we open.

It is important to me to share my journey as this wonderful opportunity unfolds. I shall, therefore, be writing about the growth of Brookes, from conception to birth and beyond; along with a few choice articles and input from guest writers and the Brookes Board. I invite you to follow, to comment and to share with your friends and family, my Brookes Moscow ‘Ringbeller’ (really great dream!)

BEG’s arrival in Moscow

Is there an innovative and premium international school entering Moscow, I hear you ask? Yes – there is…

Brookes Moscow opens in September 2018, to refresh the International Educational market: an IB curriculum for 2-18 years, actual ‘fully’ qualified expatriate teachers and state of the art facilities; all housed under one roof (well, not just under; – the rooftop football pitch should throw a new slant on outdoor education)

This has to be the educational option, both local and international parents have been waiting for.


For those who are all about ‘location, location, location,’ then this will definitely fit the bill. Situated in the beautiful Botanical Gardens – under 20 minutes to Red Square and convenient driving distance to Sheremetyevo International airport – location wise, Brookes Education Group (BEG) could not have placed this better for families in Moscow.

admissions@moscow.brookes.org is how one gets in touch.

They can be followed on: Facebook, InstagramTwitter…& on BrookesinMoscow Blog.

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