Russian Universities, The International Baccalaureate and those FAQs


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Brice Bomo (Deputy Head of Brookes Moscow)

  1. Is the IB diploma recognised by Russian state universities?

Yes. Russian state universities view the IB diploma as an international high school qualification. As such, Brookes Moscow graduates must submit their legalised IB Diploma Programme Results, together with a notarized translation of the IB Diploma Programme Results to the Main State Center for Education Evaluation (Главный государственный экспертный центр оценки образования) in Moscow. The centre subsequently issues a Certificate of Recognition of a foreign qualification.

Russian state universities accept the IB diploma only when there is a Certificate of Recognition attached to it. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics National Research University and Moscow City University are among Russian state universities that have formally indicated to the IB that they encourage applications from IB Diploma Programme students.


  1. Are Russian students attending Brookes Moscow (or international schools in general) required to take the Russian unified state examinations (ЕГЭ) in order to enter Russian state universities?

No. Brookes Moscow students, who do not take the Russian unified state examinations, apply as fee-paying (or “contract-based”) students. They have to pass the respective universities’ internal entrance tests.


  1. Are graduates from Brookes Moscow at a disadvantage compared to students from Russian state schools?

The main difference is that students who passed the Russian unified state examinations once accepted by a state university immediately qualify for state (or “budget”) funding.

The Moscow-based Russian State Humanitarian University, for example, makes it clear that Russian students coming from international schools like Brookes Moscow can apply for state funding. The final decision is however up to the competent authorities.


  1. What are (some of) the advantages of the IB diploma for Brookes Moscow graduates?

In addition to receiving an IB education, IB diploma holders:

  • may be exempted from taking English language proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL);
  • may qualify for university credits in selected countries;
  • may be eligible for scholarships designed for IB diploma holders in selected universities.


  1. Has Brookes Moscow established relationships with Russian state universities?

We have started to develop links with a number of universities and have contact details to liaise with, in order to find answers to questions from Brookes Moscow’s families.


  1. Will there be someone at Brookes Moscow in charge of university applications?

Yes. There will be a staff member in charge of university counselling. Our students will receive individualised support for the choice of their fields of studies and universities, as well as for the preparation of application packages, interviews and other aspects of the university application process.


  1. Who should we contact for more information?

‘Relocating’ – Charley King; Head of Brookes Moscow


I have recently discovered the trials and tribulations often associated with relocating both office and home, at the same time and in the middle of a Moscow winter. They say that moving home is one of the top three most stressful experiences in your life; I agree! Not only did we move home on the same two days of the heaviest snowfall in Moscow, but we decided to move the Brookes Moscow office at the same time.

At our new offices, which sit overlooking the splendid façade of Brookes Moscow School, we now welcome families, who are currently considering their children’s future educational journeys. This, I have to say, must be an equally worrying experience for families and as a parent myself, I will be focusing on making that transition straight forward and stress free. One of the most critical aspects that will assist this process in Brookes, is our flexible approach and attention to those ‘small’ things that really matter.

Our partners, Pioneer, are well versed in delivering premium quality buildings and facilities ‘on-time.’ Brookes Education Group have a wealth of experience in addressing the complexities of a school start-up and locally, I, and my skilled team, have already laid down the groundwork, in order to hit the ground running, on Monday, September 3rd 2018.

As I write this latest Blog, so much progress in readiness for our opening has already taken place; alongside the vast construction of the building. You will have seen by now, that our Senior Leadership are in place and furthermore, a large cohort of expatriate and local staff have committed to contracts with us, for the start of the school year. Our International Baccalaureate (IB) candidacy is underway in order for us to offer both the PYP and MYP in September, and for our first year of the Diploma Programme in September 2020. Admissions to the school, continue to move at pace, and we have already welcomed many parents and children to the school as founding families. We are further strengthening our administrative team to support such interest, with positions in Marketing, Admissions and Human Resources.

I do, however, thoroughly recommend and without hesitation, that one never relocates in the middle of a Moscow winter. If you are considering doing just that and contemplating an educational move for your children, then my recommendation is to tie both in together. Start looking now, come and explore the superb opportunities with us at Brookes Moscow and you may just find that it is the easiest transition you have ever made.

Charley King

+7 915 392 7001

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